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If you’ve been following the news you may have witnessed some of the furor following the impossibly fast sale speeds of Justin Bieber tickets. One venue famously sold out its 20,000 seat capacity for two separate dates in less than 30 seconds after it first opened to take orders, a seemingly impossible feat.

So, how is it these music venues can sell their entire stock of tickets so fast, and is it actually worth website-camping to try and get a ticket to your favorite show? Well, the truth is that the website isn’t actually selling off those tickets in the way you think they are. A lot, probably most of them have already been given away or sold to a variety of different parties with different interests to the ticket holder. These consist of managers, company staff; media and agents, etc. The more popular the artist, the more people there are who insist on having a seat reserved for them.

How do Justin Bieber Tickets Sell So Fast?

Also, and more nefariously, there are professionals who make a business of buying tickets en mass, then reselling to fans at an elevated price point. There are two common ways these ‘ticket brokers’ get their hands on hundreds or even thousands of tickets per venue before you can. The first is to use bots and scripts that automatically purchase tickets off a website at a rate much faster than a human. By the time you’ve ready to click the final checkout button, they’ve already emptied the pot!

The second way, they simply approach the venue and make a bulk purchase offer before the tickets officially go on sale. This method has come under scrutiny as on some occasions the aftermarket stock has been much greater than the initial stock of tickets available!

These practices have been going on a long time, however the popularity of Justin Bieber concerts have caused it to occur on a scale so excessive people have started to take notice again, the tickets are for fans yet it seems like fans are the ones fighting over the scraps under the table.

So, don’t be too upset with yourself next time you miss out, there’s a whole host of practiced professionals competing for those Justin Bieber tickets.

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